How it went. Month 1

Hello there incredible human! 

 Today I’m gonna do a quick review of the dares for last month and how they went. Because I started this blog just a few weeks ago this month I’ll only have my first two dares to review.

Dare 1 was to tell someone to have a good day. Instead of just telling one person I decided to tell a few. They all seemed to appreciate that I took the time to tell them that. And something I notice is when I make it a habit to tell someone to have a nice day a lot of times I’ll notice the people I’ve been saying it to will start telling me to have a good day before I even say it. This happens not only with saying have a good day but any kind thing I do or say to someone not always but sometimes I see that person doing random acts of kindness back to me and to others. It’s a wonderful thing to see that you’ve helped someone think about how much a simple kind word can change someone’s day and see them spreading love.

Dare 2 was tell someone you appreciate them. This I recorded myself saying and sent it to an internet friend and got a really sweet message back. It made me happy I made them happy. 🙂

How did the dares go for you? I’d love if you’d comment down below and tell me a bit of how one of them went!

Stay positive and remember you are cared about deeply. See you Monday! 

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