*New blog series* We have incredible worth #1: God died for Hitler too.

Hey there capable and beautiful friends,

As you can see I’m starting something new on my blog. If you don’t know what’s going on check out my last blog or go to my home page for a full explanation.

I was in the car last week on the way out to eat with my family when a thought totally unexpected came to my mind out of no where. That thought was that God died for Hilter too and had he been the only one on earth he still would of died for him. Does that blow your mind? Can you imagine dying a horrible death on a cross for people who will reject you and kill you? That shows how deep, how wide, how long and how high God’s love truly is. It’s the most unconditional love to ever be. He didn’t lose site of who we were when Adam and Eve sinned and brought evil into the world. He still sees us as his sons and daughters who are worth dying for and are so loved and incredible. Don’t forget that. You are worth the king of all the earth to go and die an awful death. All you have to do is accept his gift.  Jesus glady died for you. How can you ever say you’re trash after knowing that? You’re so beyond what you believe you are. You’re so much more my friends.


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