Updates on my blog: Something new!

Hey valued and loved friends,

It’s been awhile! I felt like I needed a break from this blog because of personal reasons. I’ve done a lot of growing in this break. Personal growth but most importanly growing in Chirst and becoming more whole in him. I started this blog last year and it’s been all dares to encourge others. While that’s important and I still plan on doing dares from time to time I feel lead to also start writing blogs about our worth in Jesus. I’ve realized that until you can see your worth you can’t truly see someone else for their true worth either. So for the next however long I’m going to be posting some encourging thoughts along with verses to help us know our worth in Christ. I feel like in the world today there are so many voices in our head telling us lies about who we are and where our value comes from. My goal is to help every single person who reads this to not just know who they are in Christ but fully believe it. So be looking out for more coming soon.

Until then…

Go change the world!



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