Dare 1: Something simple.

Hello there awesome person!

Today is the first day so I wanted to start out with an easily one. (They’ll get more challenging as we go on.) Today your challenge is to tell someone “I hope you have a great day!”. I know that’s pretty basic but you could be surprised how much that could brighten someone’s day. You could say this to someone you see at work, school or where ever you happen to be or you could message a friend it.

I like these dares to be done on Monday because that’s often the day you hear about people having a bad day but if you ever don’t get a chance to do it on the day just do it before next’s Mondays dare. Or like today’s if you read this in the evening you can’t exactly tell someone to have a good day when the day is almost over.

So that’s it for today! Now go change the world. See you next Monday.