Hey there! 🙂 Has anyone told you you’re special today and you are loved? Because you are. Also you have a beautiful smile! Did that make you feel good inside? This blog is all about encouraging people and helping them know their worth. I started this blog because I believe there is a God above who loves us all and he made us and we are priceless. We are beautiful, good enough, cared for and loved beyond imagination. I want to remind people of that. I want to make the world a better place one person at a time. One smile at a time. And now we get to the real reason why I made this blog. I want you to help make this world a better place too. 

On Monday’s I post a dare. Now I know what your thinking. “How could a dare help make the world a better place? Why would jumping of a building help anything?” No that’s not the kind of dare I’m talking about. On Monday’s I’ll post a dare something similar to this: “I dare you to tell someone you are thankful for them today.”. Sometimes I take a break from the dares and just randomly post blogs about stuff God is teaching me to enourage you and know how loved you are by God. Whatever I post you’ll always see my main point is to spread encourgment and God’s love here. I hope you enjoy both the dares and the normal blogs posts.

And that’s it! I’d love if you’d join me in trying to help make people’s day better and showing God’s love. Have a beautiful day because you’re a beautiful person!