Faith like a mustard seed.

If we have faith like a mustard seed we can move mountains. How profound is that? Faith that small can move mountains but faith even smaller than that must be powerful too. That’s incredible. With just a little faith we can do incredible things or rather, God can do incredible things through us. Imagine if we had faith larger than a mustard seed how our world and the world as a whole would change. That’s encouraging to me. Keep believing, keep growing in your faith. God’s promises are true and he’s gonna use you to move mountains!


I’m awestruck by your glory.

As I said before my deepest thoughts often come when I’m out in nature walking. A few weeks ago these words came to me, “The God of all eternity lives inside of me.” Just one small sentence and truth I’ve known since a small child but for some reason it hit me like a stack of bricks. How profound is that? The God of everything, all time and all knowledge lives inside of me. I’m in awe of His glory and his love for me more daily.

“God is like a puppy.”

I do most of my deepest thinking while going for my daily evening walk. Tonight a thought seemed to come to my head out of no where. That thought was, “God is like a puppy.” Your thought after reading that may be like the thoughts I had after I heard that in my brain. But then I realized it was true.

Think of a puppy or a dog in general. They have been called mans best friend long back into history and are loyal to death. They love with a love that is unconditional and even when you react with hate they still love you and give their love fully. Some even take their anger out on their dogs even though they are not responsible.

Starting to understand? God is a lot like a puppy. He loves us no matter what. The greatest unconditional love. Even when we blame him for or problems and are mad at him he doesn’t leave us. He wants us. He is loyal to his word. He won’t leave us or forsake us. He is mans best friend and he will never stop loving and caring for us. Take comfort in that my friends.

Dare 15: Good job

Good day beautiful humans,

Today’s dare is to tell someone they are doing a good job at something. We all need to hear some encouragement when it comes to things we are doing. If we have a new job it always feels good when the boss says we are doing well. If we join a sports team it always helps us when we get some encouragement from our coach. So tell someone in your life today that they are doing a great job and to keep going. As always make sure you really mean it because telling someone that they are doing good when they aren’t won’t help you or the other person in the long run.

One more thing that I wanted to remind you. It’s great to encourage and get encouragement but that’s not where our worth comes from. We need to get our encouragement and worth in God alone. The rest is just a bonus.
See you next Monday. Now go change the world.