Dare 14: It starts with you

Hey sons and daughters of the King!

Before I tell you today’s dare I want to tell you a couple of things first. God has been showing me lately so many things. One of those things is that we can’t best help and take care of someone else unless we are taking care of ourselves too. If we aren’t feeding ourselves how can we feed someone else? If we aren’t growing closer to God how can we help someone else grow closer to God? If we haven’t been through hard things how can we help someone else through the fire? How can we tell someone to find their worth in Christ if we can’t seem to do that ourselves? Words are cheap. The way we live our life speaks so much louder than our words. If I hear someone say my life will be better if I spend more time praying but the person who told me that never prayers how can I believe them? Be the change you want to see in the world. Be a light. Be the one who follows God when no one else is. And that my friends is todays dare. Now go change the world!




​Dare 6. Quality Time

Hey friends!

Today’s dare is another put words into action dare. When someone wants to spend a day with you or watch a movie with you that feels pretty special right? They could spend time with someone else or just spend some time alone but they choose to spend time with you.

Well today’s dare is spend time with someone. I always like to give examples of ways you could go about doing the dares so here’s a few. You could call a friend and see if they’d like to catch a movie or go to the park. You could ask your mom if she would like to watch her favorite movie with you, Take your sibling out to eat or go for a hike with some friends. As always the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for spending time with me every Monday reading my blog! See ya next Monday, lovelies. Go change the world.